As time goes by, our teeth deal with more damage, and their visual appeal gets worse. But since we all want to improve our looks, we succumb to treatments like teeth whitening and many others. Dental Veneer can also be an option. But what are these, and how can they help us? Let’s find out.

What is a Dental Veneer?

The Dental Veneer is a very thin shell created from materials with a similar color to your teeth. The idea is to use Dental Veneers in front of your teeth to improve your appearance. All these shells are bonded to the front of your teeth. What this means is that you can change the length, size and color of your teeth all thanks to some simple shells added in front of them.

What material is used for Dental Veneers? That depends. Most of the time, these are created from porcelain since they are stain-resistant and they also maintain great light-reflecting properties. Resin composites are cheaper, but they are less durable. You can visit our Toronto Dentistry for our Veneer Toronto Service.

What issues can a Dental Veneer solve?

That depends on the situation, but you can use a Dental Veneer to close the gap between teeth. You can also use veneers in case the patient teeth have an irregular shape, if they are uneven or not aligned in an adequate manner. They even work if teeth are broken or chipped, worn down or discolored. You just visit the Emergency Dental Toronto professionals, ask them for assistance, and that’s it. You will receive all the support you need quickly, and the results will be very impressive every time.

Dental Veneer benefits

There are some great benefits coming from using Dental Veneers. For example, they make your teeth look a lot better. Not only that, but the gum tissue tolerates porcelain, and you will have them feel like regular teeth most of the time. As we mentioned above, porcelain veneers are stain-resistant and they always work super well.

You can even select the Dental Veneer color if you want! And since you don’t need shaping or anything else, the entire process is quick, convenient and you will look a lot better in the end. Do keep in mind that this process is not reversible.

How long will Dental Veneers last?

The Dental Veneer duration depends on how good your dental care is. Most of the time, they will last 7-15 years at most. At that point, you will need to go for a replacement. It’s still a great idea to go to the doctor often and keep them under control just to be safe.

One thing is certain, Dental Veneers are great if you want to boost the visual appeal of your teeth. They look amazing, you have astonishing attention to detail, and results will shine all the time. The fact that you can focus on your daily tasks and not perform any special care task is very handy. So, if you’re trying to improve your looks and dental health at the same time, go with Dental Veneers, and you will not be disappointed!

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