White Fillings

Safe, Natural Looking Metal-Free Fillings!

North York Pearl Dental Group offers metal-free dentistry services for patients that may be concerned about the side effects and health risks associated with certain metals. Even though gold crowns and metal-based fillings offer numerous benefits for restoring damaged teeth, they do not look like your real teeth and there is ongoing debate about the health risks associated with amalgam or metal-based fillings. If you have cracked or damaged teeth that require restorative work like fillings, talk to us about composite resin or tooth coloured fillings and crowns that can restore your beautiful smile!

Dental White Fillings
White Fillings

Why Do I Need To Fill My Teeth?

If a dental cavity is detected during your oral examination, a dental filling may be recommended. The purpose of a dental filling is to remove the decay and restore the function of your tooth. If left untreated, the decay in your tooth will become bigger and deeper, and eventually reach the nerves of the tooth and start causing pain. Once it has reached this stage, your tooth can no longer be filled and will need to be root canal treated or extracted.

Composite fillings are white, tooth coloured fillings. Recent developments in the way composites are made have resulted in strong, long lasting filling materials. Being tooth coloured, they are favoured for front teeth and in the smile line by Dr. Ebrahim Aminsalehi.

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